Diana is a subject matter expert in public health education and social epidemiology and published storyteller. She helps organizations break down complex information and share their impact and stories in their respective fields via short- and medium-form writing, video, and audio formats.

  • Creator and Co-host of Global Caveat Podcast

  • Co-founder of Global Caveat Educational Nonprofit

  • Ethical Travel Advisor and Storyteller for The Monsoon Diaries

  • Writer and mini-series host for New York University College of Global Public Health

  • Copywriter for various health organizations, educational institutions, and law firms

  • Guest writer for various magazines (cultural/PoC-lead, and public health focused)

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Global Caveat

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The Global Caveat Podcast explores the vast field of public health, spanning from the traditional concept of infectious diseases to climate health, through conversations with guests that work in the field and on the ground.

Global Caveat, as a non-profit, provided educational programming and trainings in exploring and skilling-up within various public health fields.